Thermostick Elettrotecnica,
since 1964

Thermostick Elettrotecnica is involved in fire detection market offering unconventional technologies.

The long experience in this market allowed the company to have a significant place in selling products and technologies suitable for the most different applications: from road and rail tunnels to high-risk areas; from open-air storage to Oil & Gas market, and more.

Over time Thermostick Elettrotecnica has integrated its offer with other technologies such as:

  • Very Early Warning Aspirating smoke detectors, compliant EN 54-20, UL/FM.
  • Linear heat detectors based on fiber optic cable, compliant with EN 54-22 and available with ATEX certification.
  • Linear heat detectors based on thermal cable compliant with UL/FM.
  • Gas detectors (also with ATX version) for industrial sites.
  • Flame detectors (also with ATEX Exd, CPR EN 54-10 (LPCB), FM, TUV (SIL2) certification.
  • Mechanical heat detectors (ATEX/UL/FM).
  • Radiometric thermal cameras for early fire detection.
  • Asymmetrical horn speaker EN54 developed for extreme high ambient noise for tunnels application.

For following applications

Not only products

Years of experience gained the specific know-how, place Thermostick Elettrotecnica as the ideal partner for the realization of integrated security solutions, together with a wide range of services such as:

  • Electroacoustic certification of VES systems compliant with UNI ISO 7240-19.

  • Electroacoustic simulation.

  • Fire test.

  • Aeuralic test.

  • Smoke generation.
  • Commissioning.

  • Start-up.

  • Calculation report for aspirating smoke detectors.

  • Engineering.

  • On field support.

• UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate

• ATEX Notified

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